FIREFLY: Reunion

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Episode synopses and scripts

FIREFLY: Reunion is actually three one-hour episodes, entitled "Reunion", "Journey to Ariel", and "The Search for Wash" so as to comprise a 3-hour mini-series. All three episodes can be viewed via pdf files by clicking the links below.


FIREFLY: REUNION  (episode one of a three hour TV mini-series)

GENRE: Sci-fi / Western

LOGLINE: A down-and-out ship captain learns his friend and pilot - long thought dead - is alive and about to be the subject of cruel experimentation; now he must reassemble his rag-tag crew and embark on a perilous mission to rescue him.

SETTING: 500 years in the future in a solar system far from ours, terraformed for human existence.

SYNOPSIS: It's been 8 years since the broadcast of the Miranda video. Malcolm Reynolds and his crew were branded as fugitives from Alliance law and retreated to the Outer Rim, but have since disbanded. However, a ghost from the past brings news that their beloved pilot, long thought dead, was retrieved from Serenity - barely alive - and taken back to Ariel to be a guinea pig for Alliance experiments using a mutated derivative of the Pax compound.

Now Mal and his crew must set aside their differences and reassemble on a perilous mission to rescue Wash. Along the way, they will meet familiar faces from the past, both helpful and hostile, plus face new challenges.

Mal must first reconnect with Zoe, Wash's husband. Zoe has a daughter by him that Wash has never met. Then comes the arduous task of getting Serenity back from a known adversary. Once that is accomplished (and Jayne rejoins the crew), Mal and company set out for Zephyr to rendezvous with the rest of their crew. From there, it's on to Ariel to try to infiltrate St. Lucy's Medical Center.

But human testing of the new serum has already begun. Can Mal and crew arrive in time to save their beloved pilot?

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FIREFLY: Journey to Ariel  (episode two of a three hour TV mini-series)

LOGLINE: A captain and his crew must infiltrate a heavily fortified medical facility to rescue their beloved pilot before he becomes a guinea pig for a deadly serum.

SYNOPSIS: Having reassembled his crew and retrieved his ship, Mal and company hatch a plan to rescue Wash. It goes awry when Inara and her group are captured trying to retrieve uniforms and badges and are held on the facility to be interrogated and tortured. But help comes from an unlikely source and they escape.

Mal, Simon, and Patience give themselves up to gain access to the facility. Jayne, Zoe, and River sneak in later with uniforms scavenged from a group of guards they took hostage. They all find their way eventually to the restricted access wing but Patience is wounded in a firefight. Mal and crew finally find a way past the door, only to be double-crossed by one of their own.

With heavily-armed soldiers bearing down on them, can they survive long enough to find Wash?

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FIREFLY: The Search for Wash  (episode three of a 3-hour mini-series)

LOGLINE: Having discovered their long lost pilot, a captain and his crew must now fine a way to escape his captors and make their way safely back home, where the pilot can finally be united with the daughter he's never met.

SYNOPSIS: Mal and crew make their way to the pod room, only to find Wash gone. He is finally located in a operating room, about to be injected with the serum. Mal and Zoe insist that the doctors go ahead with the experiment, knowing it's the only way to bring Wash back.

Meanwhile, Simon tries to save Patience but is unsuccessful. River, who had grown very close to her, is devastated. As a new wave of soldiers arrive with orders to shoot to kill, a vengeful River uses her superior marksmanship and agility to wipe out the entire legion, save for one, who was an informant for the group.

Under Simon's supervision, the doctors are able to resuscitate Wash but he has yet to regain consciousness. They airlift him up to the ship and escape the Alliance vessels giving chase with a clever ruse using another ship as a decoy.

A frustrated Simon has done all he can for Wash, who is still unconscious. It's up to River once more to save the day. Using her enhanced mental abilities, she "finds" Wash's soul and helps him traverse that final leg in his journey back. Zoe, of course, is thrilled, as are the rest of the crew. Wash's strength returns slowly and, by the time they reach Zoe's home moon, Wash is ready to meet his daughter.

Now that the reunion is complete, will Simon and Kaylee finally tie the knot? And what of Mal and Inara?

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