FIREFLY: Reunion

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Hello fellow browncoats...and thanks for visiting this website! I'm Eric Christianson, fan of the way-too-short-lived TV show Firefly, and the movie it spawned - Serenity.  I'm also an aspiring screenplay writer. As such, I've written a script that was to originally be a sequel to the movie - Serenity 2.  After getting in touch with one of Firefly's directors, I was told it was too long and to rework it for TV, since that is where the show enjoyed most of its success. Well, I have done that. Serenity 2 is now FIREFLY: Reunion - a 3-part TV mini-series.  Sadly, my attempts to bring it to Joss Whedon's attention have fallen on deaf ears so here's where you come in......
I would like you - as a fellow Browncoat (or Browncoat-to-be) to please read the script for the first episode (also titled Reunion). If you like it, contact me. If/when enough people read this and enjoy it enough to want to read more, I'll post the 2nd episode. I'll save the third episode for if it actually does see the light of day. Suffice it so say, fans of the show will be ecstatic with the ending. Please keep in mind this is in screenplay format. You are not reading a novel, but, rather, the actual script I send out to producers.
If you'd like to know more about its author - me - feel free to zip on over to my personal website (also via

Here's the Reader's Digest version of how this came to be...

A few months ago, I woke up in the middle of the night with an idea for a sequel to Serenity. Three weeks later, Serenity 2 was penned. Then, of course, came another couple of months of revising, editing, and getting it into screenplay format. Promoting it became fruitless, save for one person kind enough to respond to my queries. Serenity 2 is a dead end, I was told and to write for TV, since that's where
the bulk of Firefly's success took place. Then came the arduous task of converting Serenity 2 into a 3-part TV mini-series - FIREFLY: Reunion. You are tasked with reading the first episode. If you love it as I do, episode 2 can be read here.  Let's
make some noise! We browncoats have done the impossible before; let's do it again! Joss Whedon must know about FIREFLY: Reunion!